In Belgium, forest policy is conducted at the regional level (Flanders, Brussels-Capital Region, Wallonia).
In Wallonia, where more than 75% of the forest area are located, a permanent forest inventory is carried out since 1994.
Currently, the second inventory is ongoing. This inventory is based on a systematic sample with 11.000 forest sample units composed of several circular concentric plots.

Data collection mainly concerns: general variables (location, ownership status...), site variables (topography, soil...), stand variables (structure, age, composition…) and tree variables (species, circumference, height…). These data are processed in order to have forest information as the proportion of forest types and structures, wood and biomass stocks, growth and the quality of the habitats.
Collected, measured and processed data are available for any user in various forms as tables, graphics and maps.

For more information, please contact the Regional Forest Inventory of Wallonia.